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Hi, I am an average American male. I mean most men are not as detailed with health concerns as most women. I  was at work when I happened to notice a co-worker losing weight. I asked her what it was that she was doing to lose the pounds. She went on to explain about the HCG Diet at Henslers Weight Control Center in Anderson, Indiana. After hearing her testimony & actually seeing the results with my own eye's, I became very interested in the Diet. I began asking all sorts of questions & finally she gave me the number to call The Hensler Clinic to get information first hand. I am not fond of Hospitals or Clinics. They both tend to have things that I am very leery of, " NEEDLES "! Long story short, After much procrastination & many private conversations with myself weighing the odds. I decided that the time had come to make a conscious decision. I chose to get my life back by way of improving my health. I made the appointment & made my way in to get the job done. Not knowing what to expect once I arrived. Unlike the very first day at a new school, I was greeted by a very warm & welcoming group of Staff members that made me feel welcome & comfortable. After meeting with the physician, I now felt like I was apart of their Family at Hensler. I started my Diet with very detailed information on how to be in control. I followed the instructions given without cutting corners & making great sacrifice to achieve my preset goal of weight loss. After hard work  & determination on my behalf, I lost about 34lbs in my Seven Weeks. This was not easy by any means. When I felt myself slipping & wanting to cheat, I called The Clinic for direction. With their patience & my dedication we as a team approached my challenge with vigor. I am now approaching the close of my Diet as my goal is only 12lbs away. Thanks to my New found Family/Friends at the the Hensler Weight control Center in Anderson, Indiana, I am proud to say, " I have my life back "! I am now to move on to more challenges keeping in mind that anything is possible. That road to losing that weight was the challenge of a lifetime for me. To the Staff at Hensler, " I love you all, You're THE GREATEST"!

S.P. (age 48) Indianapolis, IN

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